Infant and Toddlers’ Centre


Infant and Toddler Center


Our newest building is custom designed specifically for infants and toddlers. Their own 1400+ sq. ft building gives them a space to feel secure and safe, encouraging them to explore, learn, grow and play.

For the Kids Daycare

The new infant-toddler centre’s design includes bathroom facilities built for toddler height, with touchless faucets, and out-of-reach electrical outlets. The open floor plan allows for maximum visibility at all times and large windows to let in the natural light. Our infant-toddler centre has a full kitchen, is air conditioned, handicapped-accessible, meeting and/or exceeding the requirements for infant and toddler and special needs child care.


3-5 Year-old Playspace

Our centers were built to provide an enhanced learning environment.


“Adults admire their environment; they can remember it and think about it – but a child absorbs it. The things that he sees are not just remembered; they form part of his soul.”~Maria Montessori

For outdoor play, our 3000 sq ft fenced and grassed area is surrounded by trees and a nature and is currently being planned and developed as a natural playscape like no other in Kelowna.

For the Kids Daycare

We encourage our children to learn through hands-on interaction with their world. By exploring, feeling, experimenting, playing with and talking about the world, children develop questions and ideas about how the world works. We designed programs that will give children natural opportunities for play. Our location allows us to take advantage of the wide range of learning and exploring that happens while being active in a well-planned outdoor playscape. The natural environment in our neighbourhood is conducive to the exploration of nature and our world.

For the Kids Daycare