We know that:

  • play is essential to a child’s learning and development
  • a child is more likely to explore and learn from an environment that they feel safe and secure in.
  • each child is developing socially,emotionally, physically, creatively and intellectually and that all five areas of development are of equal importance
  • a child develops a positive self image through opportunities to make developmentally appropriate choices

With this in mind we developed these curriculums:

Infants and Toddler Program

The first three years are where children learn through sensory exploration. They develop physical and cognitive skills and learn about people and objects by becoming fully involved with their surroundings.

We know that toddlers will move whether moving is safe or not. They constantly try out new skills and explore their independence. We designed our environment to allow for and encourage safe exploration. This gives toddlers the ability to expand in their development which increases their self esteem.

Our program allows for our children to learn at their pace while encouraging them to explore by giving them a rich early learning experience.

When your child turns 30 months we will begin a transition period to get him/her ready for the move to the preschooler group. We will start to include him/her in the “big kids” activities for a couple of hours at a time so she/he can get to know the routine and the staff. These blocks of time will slowly lengthen until they are there for a full day. When students make the transition to the “preschooler side”, they are ready.

Kinder-Prep Preschool and 3 to 5 Year Old Program

Our preschool program allows children to have the opportunity to develop a sense of self worth through positive experiences and every day successes. Play is the means by which children learn all skills necessary for later life.

“We call it Learning! They call it fun!” Our wish for the children in our care is that they enjoy new experiences; respect themselves and others; have high self esteem; learn appropriate social skills. This allows for them to happily continue forward in their lives more skilled and prepared for their school years.

We offer our Kinder-Prep Preschool program within our full day care for parents who are looking for a positive early learning program for their children.

Hands-on, multisensory activities, music, and materials are used in our weekly programming. It opens up so many exciting ideas and opportunities for our eager learners.