For The Kids Daycare West Kelowna is open for business!!

Our initial inspection is complete and we are good to go. We will be taking children starting next week Monday Sept 21 2015. Thank you to all of our fantastic staff for supporting us through the process and giving us the piece of mind in East Kelowna that our standards would be maintained while we were busy.

West Kelowna location almost there

Busy day yesterday with our West Kelowna location spent almost the entire day updating, revising and on the phone regarding our licencing application as per their requests… it is all resubmitted. We are very close now 90% of the application is approved just a few details and the initial inspection to go. The inspection is on Thursday the 17th, then we will need to coordinate

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Protected: Why Choosing Your Battles is a Bad Parenting Strategy

This is so well put! I love how this woman explains how setting boundaries for your children helps them feel secure! When your child is out of control they feel scared! Why do we as parents feel it’s wrong to set limits when it gives the children such a secure feeling! Check out the article on the For The Kids Daycare Facebook page! Like

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Bringing Nature Back

The Missing Link in Our Children’s Lives Growing up I lived on a large property that gave us every opportunity to engage in play and learn through nature. Our daycare property has great potential for this exact play. Even though we have always used nature in our program planning, once I purchased and read Natural Playscapes by Rusty Keeler, I knew this was what

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